Repair Cracks, Broken or Leaking Bathtub

Do you have serious structural damage in your bathtub? Don't think you are doomed to spending thousands of dollars to replace the damaged bathtub.

Even bathtubs with soft bottoms and/or leaking cracks can be repaired.

There are different options to repair your leaking bathtub. One is installing a custom liner in the floor of your bathtub. This option usually requires two visits to your home.

  1. A template is created of your bathtub. It is sent out to have a custom inlay fabricated.
  2. After receiving the custom inlay, a second visit is made to chemically bond the inlay to the floor of your bathtub.

The inlay has a built in non slip surface.

A lifetime warranty is provided that the inlay will not crack or leak.

If your bathtub also needs to be refinished, a second option is available. This involves injecting a strong structural foam under the damaged floor of your bathtub. Then the cracks and other damage are repaired. Finally the entire bathtub is refinished to look like new.