Install New drain and overflow cover

Sometimes a bathtub can look corroded and ugly. When the bathtub is refinished and again looks shiny and new, the old drain detracts from it's appearance.

One problem with installing a new drain however, is that sometimes the drain is stuck tight, and either doesn't come out at all, or getting it out breaks corroded plumbing.

We have a solution for this problem. We can bond a new drain over the old one!

The new drain uses the "push pull" method of operation. Similar to what is found in many motel rooms, the drain is opened by simply pulling up the center knob. To close, push the knob back down, which seals the opening. The drain is designed to prevent hair, etc from clogging the pipes.

The second picture at right shows the drain after it has been bonded over the old one. (This picture is of an older style without the clog prevention design)