Our Process

Careful and thorough prep work is the first key to a high quality result when bathtub refinishing. This includes:

  • Scraping the bathtub surface with a razor scraper to remove excess soap scum, paint drips, caulk, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning of the bathtub using a commercial acid based cleaner and abrasive pad.
  • Rinsing off all traces of cleaner and drying bathtub surface completely.
  • Carefully checking the bathtub surface for cracks or chips that need to be repaired. Many times I find and repair damage the homeowner never noticed was there.
  • Masking around the bathtub, drain, faucets (if needed) and any other areas necessary.
After the prep work is completed, the actual refinishing part of the process continues as follows:
  • Applying a  bonding agent primer. I have tested many primers used in the bathtub refinishing industry. The bathtub refinishing primer chosen has the best adhesion of all of them. It sticks so good, it is very difficult to remove from a glazed tile even with a brand new razor blade!
  • Spray multiple coats of the topcoat. This coating is a catalyzed aliphatic acrylic polyurethane. It is a very durable shiny coating that is used not only in the bathtub & tile industry but also used in the automotive, marine and aircraft industry.
After the homeowner signs off on the job, he or she is left with instructions on how to care for the bathtub. A bottle of touch up coating is also provided (in case a metal tool or similar hard object is accidentally dropped on the surface).
  • The day after the refinishing is completed, the homeowner or contractor removes any masking materials, replaces the overflow lever if needed, and re-caulks the bathtub.