Compare cost to new tub

Compare bathtub refinishing to the cost of bathtub replacement

Bathtub replacement may not seem very expensive when you check the prices for a new bathtub at a home improvement center. They may start at less than $200 for a steel bathtub or about $400 for a cast iron bathtub.

However, replacing a bathtub ends up being very costly for several reasons.

Usually, homeowners who are replacing a bathtub are also interested in remodeling the rest of the bathroom too. When looking at the reviews of an inexpensive bathtub at one of the home improvement center websites, one homeowner complained that the bathtub started developing rust spots within a few months although she had spent a total of $8000 to remodel her bathroom!
Why does it cost so much to remodel? To start off, the demolition required to remove a bathtub and replace it with another can require removing walls to get the old one out and the new one in. Then, when you add all the costs of new wallboard, taping and finishing, plumbing, wall tile, floor tile, painting, and carpentry costs, replacing your bathtub becomes very expensive.

In contrast to the high cost of bathroom remodeling, bathtub refinishing starts at about $600. If you combine this with selective upgrades to the rest of your bathroom, you may be able to have a fresh “new” bathroom for a fraction of the cost of remodeling.